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January 1, 2018

Front &Finish® is a publication for enthusiasts of the canine performance sports that has been in publication since October, 1971. We are a leading publication well recognized by those interested in dog training and showing.   Front & Finish® began as a tabloid newspaper and later converted to a printed magazine format.  As the popularity of the Internet grew, we maintained a commitment to provide companion event support through our website services.  In January 2011 Front & Finish® moved to an exclusive online magazine offering more interactive services to support our love of the canine performance events.

Knowledgeable writers who have a vested interest in canine welfare and companion events provide the content contained within Front & Finish®.  Our authors represent many years of experience and regard for the canine events!  Front & Finish® provides exclusive rating system breakdowns for the fancy by ranking teams in AKC Obedience, and Rally.  Many clubs use our ratings to provide awards and special recognitions to their members at annual banquets and functions.

Reader Profile
Front & Finish® subscribers are primarily interested in Agility, Obedience, and Rally competition.  As most enthusiasts are involved in more than one sport, our subscribers typically compete in other events such as Breed, Earthdog, Field, Flyball, Freestyle, Herding, Hunt Tests, and Tracking.  Our current readership falls at an average of 3,400 paid subscriptions plus complimentary issues and registered website guests.  Our readership shares information we publish with thousands of pet owners every day.  Information collected through annual surveys indicates the following subscriber profiles.

Front & Finish® Readership Survey

Gender Breakdown: 91% of subscribers are female & 8% are male.
Age:Our average subscriber is 54 years old with age ragnes from 22 to 87. 
Dogs Owned: Subscribers own an average of 3 dogs per household. 
Canine Expenditures: Subscribers spend an average of $4,853.00 on canine related activities and care. 
Club & School Affiliations: Subscribers belong to an average of three dog clubs, schools, & organizations.
Subscriber Involvement: Average Involvement: 22 Years.  Included individual exhibitors, fanciers, instructors, clinicians, judges, professional handlers, as well as a number of dog training clubs & schools.  82% of our subscribers have acted as stewards and 42 % have judged various events.
Educational Seminars: During the last three years 64% of our subscribers have attended dog training clinics or seminars. 
Events Attended: Subscribers attend an average of 18 obedience trials, and/or 23 agility trials, and/or 6 other events each year.
Titles Acquired:Subscribers have earned an average of 11 obedience titles, and/or 18 agility titles, and/or 6 other titles.
Sport Affiliations: The percentage of our subscribers indicating active involvement & interest in canine sporting events is: Agility - 58%; Earth Dog - 4%; Field - 38%; Flyball - 3%; Freestyle - 6%; Herding - 19%; Hunt Test - 39%; Obedience - 98%; Rally - 84%; Tracking - 28%; Other Interests - 18%.

Front & Finish® Advertising Rates

Ad TypeSize W x H
Full Page Issue Ad
8.5 x 11
$125 (Initial Insertion)
$100 (1st Addnl Insertion)
$  75 (2+ Addnl Insertions)
Inside Front Cover Ad
Best Position! First thing readers see in an issue.
Includes free banner for length of insertion.
8.5 x 11
$150 (Initial Insertion)
$100 (1st Addnl Insertion)
$  75 (2+ Addnl Insertions)
Back Page Special Ad8.5 x 11
$125 (Initial Insertion)
$100 (1st Addnl Insertion)
$  75 (2+ Addnl Insertions)
Non-commercial Discount Special Ad
Special rate for non-commercial events, recognitions, memorials
8.5 x 11
$  50 (Initial Insertion)
$  25 (Additional Insertion)
Website Home Page Banner Ad
Mid-Page - Directly Beneath Issue Release Section
Links To Your Website or Email Address
400 x 80
$  30 (1st Month)
$  25 (2nd Month)
$  20 (3+ Months)
Website Home Page Banner Ad
Bottom-Page - Directly Above Footer Section
Links To Your Website or Email Address  
400 x 80
$  25 (1st Month)
$  20 (2nd Month)
$  15 (3+ Months)

Note: From time to time we run special advertising “Incentive Discounts” depending on our publication schedule. It's always a good idea to check with us to see if any additional discounts are available.

All ad rates are for predesigned prepaid copy.  Copy that requires any additional processing by us will require a set-up charge.  Predesigned copy means that your ad is fully designed to the exact size at a minimum resolution of 150 ppi, has all fonts and images embedded in the file, and is submitted to us as a single JPEG, EPS, PDF, TIFF, or word processor file.  
Some folks feel insecure about the technical requirements but please don’t worry.  Most word processors meet out requirements without any problems.  We can also convert most word processor formats to our specifications so you can simply emails us the word processor file and we'll contact you if there are any questions.

If you want to include Internet links in your advertisement be sure to provide instructions as to which images or text should be linked, and to where.  A $20.00 surcharge will be applied to any special position requests.  All rates are non-commissionable unless pre-approved by the editor.

Ads Set By Us
If you aren't able to provide predesigned copy we will be happy to set your ad.  We will try to conform to your instructions, however ads set by us are done so at our discretion using the typefaces we have available.  Our fee for ad design is $75.00 per page however complex ads such as pedigrees will require additional charges. 

Please submit sharp, good quality color images with your copy.  Images at 150 ppi or higher will reproduce best for issue based ads.  Website banner ads should be at least 72 ppi.  Persons submitting ads containing professional images testify that they have obtained all legal permissions and releases to use said images in their ads for publication in Front & Finish®.  Credits to photographers must be included with the ad copy.

Closing Date
The submission deadline for advertising copy is the fifteenth day of the month prior to the issue publication month (e.g. advertising for the March issue is due on February 15th, etc.).  We can usually accommodate late or time sensitive material but we ask that you email us at as soon as possible.

All advertisements must be prepaid before your ad is published.  We will email a PayPal invoice when your ad is submitted.  The invoice can be paid by following a link in the notice or by sending a check or money order to Front & Finish, 2310 US Highway 150 North, Wataga, IL 61488-9520.    Foreign payments must be in U. S. Funds.  

We regret that cancellations can not be accepted after the closing date.  We will try to work with you if you need to reschedule an ad for a different issue or reposition it within a given issue.  No changes will be accepted after an issue has been published.

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