About Front & Finish®

Front & Finish® is a publication devoted to dog training and the associated canine performance events. Initially published as a tabloid newspaper, later as a magazine, and now online, we cover regional, national, and international canine activities. Our issues contain a wealth of information on dog training and showing for novice trainers and advanced competitors alike.  We cover Obedience, Agility, Rally, Field, Flyball, Freestyle, Herding, Tracking, and more.

Front & Finish® is nationally recognized as the Voice of The Canine Performance Events. Our writers are nationally recognized authorities on the canine events, and skilled in their respective pursuits.  In addition to our regular contributors, we strive to include as much reader-submitted information as possible. As such we encourage enthusiasts to contact us with questions, comments, suggestions, letters, and articles. Only through your voice can our collective interests in the canine performance events remain strong.

Beyond our magazines Front & Finish® promotes the canine performance events by offering a number of other supportive services.  We help sponsor educational seminars, support events in all canine registries, encourage tournaments, and champion training organizations. We also acknowledge the accomplishments of exhibiting teams though a variety of awards and ratings.

Our First & Foremost® and Delaney® rating systems are nationally recognized rankings of teams competing in AKC Obedience and Rally competition.  These breakdowns are often used by clubs and schools to offer awards to their members at annual banquets and gatherings.  Beyond our ratings, many exhibitors apply for our F&F Awards of Excellence ( FFX ).  These titles recognize proficiency in titling dogs within events hosted by many nationally recognized registries.

We would love to have you subscribe!  Every member is an important link in our ability to provide services to the sport of dogs.  Annual subscriptions are $34.99 and can be accessed right here on this website.  As each monthly issue is published an email notification is sent to subscribers.  Every issue can be viewed or downloaded in convenient PDF format.  Subscribers also receive access to our entire library of back issues at no attentional charge.  Please consider joining us!

About K-9 Legends

The purpose of K-9 Legends is to develop an anthology of legendary dogs and their owners for posterity.  Historically, there have been thousands of great dogs but their stories have been lost or never told to the public at large.  We want to change that!  

Some dogs are champions, some are workers, some well-trained, and some simply bring laughter and joy.  A dog doesn't have to earn blue ribbons to be listed here.  In fact many dogs who never enter a ring earn their status from performing acts far more worthy than bringing home trophies from shows.  Some dogs have performed tremendous feats of courage, intelligence, and dexterity. Some simply support our everyday lives by greeting us at the door, warming our laps, following us through the house, and offering their companionship.  It's the relationship between man and dog that's important here. 

What is K-9 Legends?  It's a place to honor the enduring human-dog bond.  Why not give your best friend the recognition they deserve?  Sign up for one of our legend accounts and let the world know how much your dog means to you?  While you're here, why not peruse some of the other profiles to see how dogs have affected the lives of others?  We ask a nominal fee of $5 for legend accounts to help us maintain this site.    

How About Both?

Are your interested in dog training and showing?  No doubt you'll be spending quite a bit of time with Fido and surely have stories to tell. Currently signing up for an F&F Subscription gives you both!