About Front & Finish®

Front & Finish® is a publication devoted to dog training and the associated canine performance events. Initially published as a tabloid newspaper, later as a magazine, and now online, we cover regional, national, and international canine activities. Our issues contain a wealth of information on dog training and showing for novice trainers and advanced competitors alike.  We cover Obedience, Agility, Rally, Field, Flyball, Freestyle, Herding, Tracking, and more.

Front & Finish® is nationally recognized as the Voice of The Canine Performance Events. Our writers are nationally recognized authorities on the canine events, and skilled in their respective pursuits.  In addition to our regular contributors, we strive to include as much reader-submitted information as possible. As such we encourage enthusiasts to contact us with questions, comments, suggestions, letters, and articles. Only through your voice can our collective interests in the canine performance events remain strong.

Beyond our magazines Front & Finish® promotes the canine performance events by offering a number of other supportive services.  We help sponsor educational seminars, support events in all canine registries, encourage tournaments, and champion training organizations. We also acknowledge the accomplishments of exhibiting teams though a variety of awards and ratings.

Our First & Foremost® and Delaney® rating systems are nationally recognized rankings of teams competing in AKC Obedience and Rally competition.  These breakdowns are often used by clubs and schools to offer awards to their members at annual banquets and gatherings.  Beyond our ratings, many exhibitors apply for our F&F Awards of Excellence ( FFX ).  These titles recognize proficiency in titling dogs within events hosted by many nationally recognized registries.

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About Dogs Self-Trained

The purpose of Dogs Self-Trained is to provide services and support for general dog owners.  Some dogs are champions, some are workers, some well-trained, and some just bring laughter and joy.  But a dog doesn't have to earn blue ribbons at a show to be supported here.  We're enthusiasts for all dog owners and we want the relationship with your best friend to be prosperous and fulfilling.

Unfortunately many dog owners find themselves perplexed by poor behaviors their pooches develop.  Often times it doesn't take much to correct these unpopular traits but what may appear logical to humans makes no sense to canines.  That's why were here to help.  DST purports to help make these negative situations go away.  Almost all dogs can be successful companions and we want to show you how.

No doubt there are many similar websites on the internet offering support for dog owners.  The trouble is that they bombard their visitors with advertisements, many of which have nothing to do with dogs at all.  These websites are nothing more than vehicles to acquire your personal information to blast you with ads on other websites and send emails you never wanted.  You won't get that here!

We are publishers of Front & Finish®, a magazine devoted to canine obedience and the other competitive events.  As aficionados of good canine behavior we want your dog to be a good citizen and a successful relationship with the whole community.  It's the relationship between man and dog that's important here! One never knows, you might enjoy your dog so much that you'll consider showing in obedience...

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