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  • Cover Story ~ Michael Pumilia ~ Judge Emeritus, Obedience & Tracking
  • 2016 F&F Rally Novice Rating System ~  Sandra & Sam
  • Dogs Are Problem Solvers ~ Don't Ever Waste a Failure ~ Connie Cleveland-Nolan
  • Doggedly Obedient ~ Zoomies & Keep-Way ~ Marilyn Miller
  • Playing By The Rules ~ What is a Front? ~ Catherine Zinsky
  • Confessions of an Obedience Junkie ~ The Vietnam Veteran ~ Lauire Lo
  • Random Little Tidbits ~ Principal & Nonprincipal Features of Utility  ~ John Cox
  • You Dog Is An Elite Athlete ~ Back Pain... Not Just for Humans ~ Petra Ford
  • Bob Self ~ Biscuits & Bones ~ Lori Drouin, Declines In Entries
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      Front & Finish® is a publication devoted to dog training and the associated canine performance events. Initially published as a tabloid newspaper, later as a magazine, and now online, we cover regional, national, and international canine activities. Our issues contain a wealth of information on dog training and showing for novice trainers and advanced competitors alike.  We cover Obedience, Agility, Rally, Field, Flyball, Freestyle, Herding, Tracking, and more.

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      Our First & Foremost® and Delaney® rating systems are nationally recognized rankings of teams competing in AKC Obedience and Rally competition.  These breakdowns are often used by clubs and schools to offer awards to their members at annual banquets and gatherings.  Beyond our ratings, many exhibitors apply for our F&F Awards of Excellence ( FFX ).  These titles recognize proficiency in titling dogs within events hosted by many nationally recognized registries.

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      As the voice of canine obedience training and showing we publish a number of different rating systems that rank competing team performance.  We frequently receive questions about how these breakdowns are tabulated.  Visit this page of our website for details.

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