Front & Finish
The Dog Trainer's News

Front & Finish® is a digital magazine published for dog trainers and those competing in the canine performance events.  F&F has been published well over 30 years with a focus on obedience training and competition.  An annual subscription to F&F costs $34.99 and issues can be viewed or downloaded directly from this website in PDF format. 

K-9 Legends

Inspiring Dogs From People Who Love Them

The purpose of K-9 Legends is to record the stories of great dogs for posterity.  Historically, there have been thousands of great dogs and owners but their stories have been lost.  We want to change that!  Some dogs are champions, some are workers, some well-trained, and some bring laughter and joy.  During their short lives dogs give us much more than they receive.   They enrich us with a life long bounty and deserve to have their stories told.

The April 2015 F&F issue
is available for reading! 
  • Playing By The Rules ~ Catherine Zinsky ~ Proofing: An Overview
  • The Training Zone ~ Lori Drouin ~ The Randomization Puzzle
  • A Common Bond ~ Deborah Neufeld ~ The "Eyes" Have It
  • SerpenTEAM ~ Ruthann McCaulley ~ 2014 Rally National Championship
  • Doggedly Obedient ~ Marilyn Miller ~ Memorable Moments
  • Pacific Northwest Natter ~ Sue Cox ~ Neil Evans & Xena - New OTCH
  • Paw Prints Across The Gulf Coast ~ Caludia VanGee ~ Victory Hulett & OTCH He Reigns In Victory OGM UDX
  • Let's Talk Obedience Announcement ~ A Weekend With Two AKC Judges ~ Rich & Pat Strong
  • Western Wishes ~ Ruthann McCaulley ~ Report From Western US
  • 2014 First & Foremost® Ratings ~ Peggy McConnell & Layla Top All

  • Next Month ~ Open A Ratings!

Initiatives For This Website

As more owner and K-9 profiles are added to this site we will release other options for viewing them.  To do so at the onset would be pointless and confusing to users.  We are hoping for a quick response as we'd like to open up this functionality soon.  As well, we have some other ideas in store.  Here are a few of our future initiatives...

  • Profile Pages Listing Owners & Dogs  This will make it easier for you to find the profiles you want to see!
  • Profile Publication in our training magazine, Front & Finish®.
  • Request to have your profile professionally edited.
  • Leave accolades for profiles you find interesting or inspiring.

AKC Region 5 Qualifier 

You are cordially invited to Muncie Obedience Training Club’s (MOTC) upcoming obedience and rally trials on April 24–25–26, 2015 in Muncie, Indiana. These trials are the AKC Region 5 Qualifier for the 2016 National Obedience Championship, as well as regular AKC titling events at all levels. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend! Win or lose, qualify or not, we guarantee you’ll have a great time!

Ring rental on Thursday and Friday in the SAME rings you will be showing in!

Judges include Jon Mett, Carol Mett, Bob Knight, and Cathy Knight. Rally will also be judged by Jon and Carol Mett.

CASH for High in Trial and High Combined in obedience, Highest Scoring Junior in obedience (gift card), and High Combined RAE in each trial! CASH for placements in obedience regular classes! Toys or Treats for placements in optional titling classes!

Awesome show site with four matted and gated rings! Loads of crating space! Lots of close parking! Camping available on grounds! Close hotels and restaurants! Near major highways!