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stands for The Dog Owner's Guild.  Sponsored by Front & Finish®, TheDOG is a collaborative effort to support dog obedience training.  We believe that canine obedience is the foundation of all services dogs perform for man.  As such TheDOG is a "process" by which we are attempting to form a collaboration with obedience enthusiasts to support our sport.  To begin the process we are updating our website to provide more cost effective subscription costs, a website version of Front & Finish, free content for home dog owners, and a section devoted to the greats of obedience (both dog and man).  There's a lot more ideas we have and announcements on other functionality will be forthcoming.  But right now we've got a big bone to chew and there is a lot in our bowl! We're very concerned about the support our sport has been receiving and we're not going to take it lieing down.  Your support will be sincerely appreciated and we hope you'll drop by often to see our progress.

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