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Front & Finish® is a digital magazine published for dog trainers and those competing in the canine performance events.  F&F has been published well over 30 years with a focus on obedience training and competition.  An annual subscription to F&F costs $34.99 and issues can be viewed or downloaded directly from this website in PDF format. 

K-9 Legends

Inspiring Dogs From People Who Love Them

The purpose of K-9 Legends is to record the stories of great dogs for posterity.  Historically, there have been thousands of great dogs and owners but their stories have been lost.  We want to change that!  Some dogs are champions, some are workers, some well-trained, and some bring laughter and joy.  During their short lives dogs give us much more than they receive.   They enrich us with a life long bounty and deserve to have their stories told.

The F&F June 2015 Issue
Now Available for Reading! 

  • 2014 Novice A & B Obedience Ratings ~ Dave Pluth
  • On Track ~ Sandy McMillan ~ Gaze - Big Bouncy Borzoi Bounces into Tracking History Bounces into Tracking History
  • SerpenTEAM ~ Ruthann McCaulley ~ Rebecca Russo & Peaches N Cream Russo CDX BN GN RAE8 THD CGC
  • Biscuits & Bones ~ Bob Self Jr.
  • OTCH Up N' Adam's Just A Dream UDX6 OGM ~ Terry Irvin
  • Random Little Tidbits ~ John Cox
  • Doggedly Obedient ~ Marilyn Miller ~ A Rally Get Together
  • Thoughts On An Unfinished Title ~ Victoria Runnoe
  • Editor’s Mailbox ~ Marcia Dawson

Initiatives For This Website

As more owner and K-9 profiles are added to this site we will release other options for viewing them.  To do so at the onset would be pointless and confusing to users.  We are hoping for a quick response as we'd like to open up this functionality soon.  As well, we have some other ideas in store.  Here are a few of our future initiatives...

  • Profile Pages Listing Owners & Dogs  This will make it easier for you to find the profiles you want to see!
  • Profile Publication in our training magazine, Front & Finish®.
  • Request to have your profile professionally edited.
  • Leave accolades for profiles you find interesting or inspiring.
FFX Award applications are no longer being accepted on paper.  Please use our new easier application process right here!

F&F Awards of Excellence
Now Available Online!

Now you can apply for your dog's F&F Award of Excellence (FFX) right here on this website.  Best yet our forms have been updated to make them easy to complete.  Click here for details!

Applications are available for the American Kennel Club (Agility & Obedience), Australian Shepherd Club of America (Agility & Obedience), Bermuda Kennel Club (Obedience), Canadian Kennel Club (Agility & Obedience), North American Dog Agility Council (Agility), and the United Kennel Club (Agility & Obedience).